Gerard Butler In Talks To Step Into Swayze Role

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Patrick Swayze is best known by many as the all-black-wearing bad boy from "Dirty Dancing"; as Johnny Castle, he stole our hearts in the '80s by dancing his way across a rain-slicked log to teach Baby a thing or two about fear. But for some, his best role didn't involve dancing at all, but rather rubber president masks.

Swayze's role in "Point Break" opposite Keanu Reeves is fairly iconic; as yet another bad boy, his sun-bleached locks and carefree attitude hid a dark secret. Namely, bank robbing. Now, that role might be taken over by an actor who is no stranger to playing a badass: Gerard Butler.

The "Olympus Has Fallen" actor is in talks to step into a new version of the role, which would see the character of Bodhi involved in the broader world of extreme sports (instead of just surfing). The script, penned by Kurt Wimmer, has a few changes from the original but sees most of the same names for the main characters. The film will boast the same cinematographer as "The Fast and the Furious".

No names have been attached to the character of Johnny Utah--played by Keanu Reeves in the original film--just yet, but the plotline will still focus on a crime ring infiltrated by an undercover FBI agent.

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