Georgia Fualaau, Audrey Fualaau Not Fazed By Parents', Mary Kay Latourneau And Vili Fualaau, Relationship

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Georgia Fualaau and Audrey Fualaau, the teenage daughters of Mary Kay Latourneau and Vili Fualaau, seem to think that their childhood was not all that abnormal.

Even before her interview with the scandal-ridden couple, wherein the world was to meet Georgia Fualaau and Audrey Fualaau, Barbara Walters noticed the air of normalcy amongst the unlikely family.

She said of Georgia Fualaau and her sister that they seem to think their childhood was pretty normal.

Even Georgia Fualaau and Audrey Fualaau's mother, Mary Kay Latourneau, recognizes that growing up, the girls didn't really notice anything out of the ordinary.

"There was never a sit-down chat, 'Now is the time we're going to talk to our children about this,' " Letourneau, now 53, said. "They seemed to already know … because they grew up with it. … There's just never been a 'Wow, we better explain.' "

Of course, Mary Kay Latourneau and Vili Fualaau made headlines when their relationship was made public after she became pregnant with their first child. Latourneau, then 34, was a married mother of four and Vili Fualaau was only 13.

Latourneau had their first child, Audrey Fualaau, after serving a few months in prison for child rape and getting out on parole.

After her release, Latourneau was caught with Vili Fualaau again, this time landing her in prison for several years.

Mary Kay Latourneau and Vili Fualaau's second daughter, Georgia Fualaau, was born behind bars shortly after that.

The couple reunited and wed after Latourneau's release in 2004.

Mary Kay Latourneau said, "Probably why I looked so forward to getting married is because I already knew what kind of father he was," Letourneau told Walters of Fualaau, now 31. "Just knowing his personality and how invested he was in being a father."

What kind of life do you think Audrey and Georgia Fualaau really had through all of this?

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