George W. Bush Wrote Letter Of Encouragement To Alabama's Kicker

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George W. Bush is someone who knows what it is like to do something wrong, and be criticized for it. For whatever reason, the former president decided to send a heartfelt letter to Cade Foster, the kicker for Alabama, who has received a great deal of criticism over his performance in the Iron Bowl.

Cade Foster has been criticized by many for his performance which included two missed field goals, cuasing him to be replaced for the final field goal to end the game. The back-up kicker Adam Griffith missed that field goal, and it was returned for a touchdown by Chris Davis, who became a hero at Auburn.

George W. Bush sent a letter to the kicker, essentially letting him know that he will become a stronger over time, and that it is simply a setback.

Alabama was the No. 1 team coming into the game against Auburn, and seeming to already plan for the national championship, but the Auburn Tigers had another plan. Auburn was able to come away from the game with a victory, sending them to the SEC Championship Game. The Auburn Tigers upset the Alabama Crimson Tide, and to the delight of some fans, Alabama will not be playing in the national championship.

While a game is comprised of four quarters and many plays, some people would argue that there is no way that the kicker is solely to blame. However, Foster has been the subject of many threats, and following the game, some fans even suggested that he transfer schools. George W. Bush faced a similar situation during his presidency and certainly knows the type of situation that Foster is in right now, wanting to offer his help.

A fake profile for Auburn's quarterback Nick Marshall even got in on the teasing with this post.

Even if Cade Foster were not a big fan of the former president, it is certainly a big deal that he has gone out of his way to write such a letter to the Alabama kicker. Foster, of course, went on Instagram to share the news with everyone. While George W. Bush was the 43rd president, Foster is also No.43, taking the time to note that in his letter with irony, from one 43 to another.

In a way it seems that Adam Griffith was the one that missed the field goal to cost Alabama the game, making people wonder why it was Foster who was criticized to such a high degree. In any case, it is good to see that someone like George W. Bush would take the time to console the young kicker. Foster mentioned in his post on Instagram that he would be framing the letter, because how often does someone have a letter written to them from a former president?

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