George Takei Tells Facebook: If You Don't Like His Humor, You Can Unfriend Him

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George Takei knows that not everyone will get his humor.

Takei has said that he uses his humor to draw attention to causes dear to his heart, like marriage equality. In fact, it was that very thing that caused him to come out in the first place. Rather than rave and rant, Takei chooses to use humor as his weapon.

Maybe 99% of people will dig it, but there is always that one oddball at the Golden Corral.

After enough people griped over certain comical items that Takei had posted, the Star Trek alum took to his page for a longer post.

It turns out that he is indeed sensitive to what might be considered “offensive” by some. He wants folk to continue to give him feedback. But if you end up getting far too bent out of shape by a Takei post, then he thinks it’s best if you find someone else to follow rather than spend your day griping at him.

In any case, he wants folks to stop bashing each other in his post comments.

So say we all, Uncle George. So say we all.

Friends, I want you to know that my staff and I receive and review all your messages and as many comments as we can, and we take seriously those that say I should take something down because it is "offensive."

In the past day, my posts about Voldemort (being like a teenage girl), red-heads (gaining a freckle for every soul they steal), and one-night stands have each gathered their fair share of well-intentioned complaints. Were we to focus on who we might offend and not the general humor of things, nothing at all might pass muster.

So if those kinds of posts offend you, speak your mind in the comments and continue to write letters in. With a few cases, we have seen the merits of the argument and actually taken down and apologized for inadvertent offense. But it's impossible to satisfy everyone, so if you find this page is not for you because we poke a bit of good-hearted fun at everyone (yes, including gays and Asians) then simply don't follow it. I hope though that you understand, however, that it's okay to express concern (please don't bash those that do--remember, humor is going to rub at least 1% wrong if it's any good), and that the best response is more engagement rather than less.

With thanks— Uncle George.

Supporters and well-wishers piled on, railing against the railers. But the Comment of the Day Award goes to one Christopher Jon Townsend:

"I'm totally cool with the gay thing... But I REALLY wish you would have mentioned being Asian before now. When did you make that life decision? Does your family know yet?”

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