George Lopez Passes Out On Casino Floor; Arrested For Public Intoxication

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George Lopez might have enjoyed himself a little too much at a Canadian casino on Thursday. The Mexican-American comedian and actor reportedly passed out on the floor of the Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino and was subsequently arrested for public intoxication, according to TMZ.

The celebrity news site also reported that in-house casino security called the local police shortly before midnight when they spotted Lopez lying on the floor of the casino bar. No charges are being filed against the 52-year-old talk show host, although he stayed in police custody until he sobered up. Lopez was eventually released several hours later.

Lopez gave a performance at the casino before the incident happened. Caesars Windsor spokesperson Jhoan Baluyot said that the Lopez Tonight star has another scheduled show on Friday, February 28, which will continue as planned.

The comedian released a statement to PEOPLE, which included a humorous jab at the intoxication incident. Lopez said that he was “not feeling great this morning” and he “was trying to sleep it off”; however, he fell asleep on the casino floor.  He also joked about doing what he did in Ontario “what Bieber does to America” during his Friday show.

A Twitter photo allegedly taken by onlooker Chad Maury showed Lopez lying on his left side with his stomach partially exposed. The photo went viral almost as soon as it surfaced.

George Lopez was “discovered” by acclaimed film actress Sandra Bullock, who served as executive producer of his own self-titled television sitcom. George Lopez ran from 2002 to 2007 and in 2009, Lopez ventured into talk show hosting with Lopez Tonight. He suffered kidney problems, which required him to get a kidney transplant in 2005. His then-wife Ann served as his kidney donor. Lopez is due to star in the sitcom Saint George, which will premiere in March, 2014.

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