George Lopez Jokes About Public Intoxication Arrest

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After George Lopez was arrested last month for public intoxication in a Canadian casino, the comedian and actor discussed the incident on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Lopez was found passed out on the floor of the Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino and was released a few hours after his arrest. Lopez won't be facing any charges in the incident.

Even though Lopez's arrest probably serves as a bit of a wake up call, since the Saint George star claims he is giving up drinking, he still manages to find humor in the rather serious situation. "Apparently I'm a bigger Justin Bieber fan than I thought I was," the comedian joked to Ellen. "They always say, 'Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,' but whatever happens in Canada, everybody knows."

In case you missed it, the picture below shows George Lopez passed out at the casino. As Lopez quipped to Ellen, he was heading back to his room, but “missed it by 35 floors."

"Just because Mexicans invented tequila doesn't mean we can handle it,” Lopez said on being found passed out in the floor.

“I was a bit intoxicated,” Lopez told Ellen and then quipped, "[The Canadian police] said ‘Sir, this behavior cannot continue, and if it does continue, we would be honored if you would be mayor of Toronto.’” In case you don't keep up with Canadian happenings, Lopez is making a joke about Rob Ford, the Toronto mayor who was caught smoking crack on camera last year.

All jokes aside, Lopez did say that he hasn't had anything to drink since the arrest. "Since then I have not had a drop of alcohol," Lopez said. "That was a nice going-away party for that guy, and then I'm the new George now sitting here in front of you."

Check out Lopez's appearance on Ellen below.

While some folks are undoubtedly wagging their fingers at Lopez's indiscretion, actor Charlie Sheen decided to poke fun at the comedian for doing a crappy job of passing out. George Lopez did a guest spot on Sheen's Anger Management, and in a short video clip obtained by TMZ, Sheen shows Lopez how to pass out properly on the set. Check out the video below.

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