Navigating the Generative AI Surge in Creative Agencies

To stay ahead of the curve in the agency world, you'll want to read on for the peer review: generative AI in agencies below....
Navigating the Generative AI Surge in Creative Agencies
Written by Staff
  • Generative AI technology has already begun reshaping the creative agency landscape.  By analyzing the insights from the Generative AI For Agencies – The Peer Interviews eBook, this article explores the promises, obstacles, and prospects of this technology in the industry.

    Generative AI Growth

    Generative AI is bringing a transformation to the creative agency world, offering several advantages.  Noah Brier, the founder of, believes that generative AI is liberating creatives from routine tasks that drain their creative energy.  Automating mundane tasks like generating multiple versions of ad copies or removing backgrounds from images allows professionals to concentrate on core creative pursuits.  Chris Matthews from Very Small Robots, LLC, shares this view and adds that AI democratizes advanced tools, giving smaller agencies access to capabilities that were previously exclusive to larger players.

    Despite the excitement surrounding generative AI, its adoption is a mixed bag.  Noah Brier observes that many brands and agencies are still in the preliminary stages of experimenting with AI tools.  Intellectual property concerns, particularly in training and outputs, are significant barriers.  Additionally, organizations tend to focus more on the output of AI tools, often underestimating their potential as vital inputs in strategic planning.  Lowell Orelup’s insights support these observations, indicating a wide spectrum of adoption ranging from cautious exploration to full-fledged integration of AI capabilities.

    The proliferation of generative AI is not without its challenges.  Misinformation and content oversaturation are two pressing concerns.  Chris Matthews warns that unchecked use of AI in generating content can mislead audiences, exacerbating the existing problem of misinformation in the digital space.  Rachel Jordan, Head of Marketing at TeachFX, underscores another issue: oversaturation.  As AI simplifies content creation, the market risks being flooded with content, potentially leading to audience burnout and diminishing campaign effectiveness.

    Talent Acquisition and AI

    In this rapidly evolving landscape, the role of talent acquisition is undergoing a significant shift.  Lowell Orelup sheds light on a transformation in the recruitment process, where skills centered around AI proficiency are gaining prominence.  However, inherent human qualities like leadership and analytical abilities will remain indispensable.  Generative AI is not here to replace human creativity but to enhance it.  Noah Brier aptly captures this view, seeing AI as an accelerant for human creativity.  However, he cautions against settling for mediocrity, urging agencies to strive for excellence instead of relying on AI to churn out average content at minimal costs.

    Looking ahead, several trends emerge in the generative AI landscape.  Video content is the next frontier, with the potential for a surge in diverse content types. Lower barriers to content creation will enable small and medium agencies to compete with their larger counterparts.  However, amidst this technological whirlwind, some constants will remain.  Intangible qualities, especially in a world heading towards automation, will be more crucial than ever.  Brand essence, core values, and ethos will serve as touchstones of authenticity.


    In this context, platforms like are playing a vital role.  By teaching machines the nuances of branding, they offer tools to monitor and manage brand outputs, fostering a symbiotic relationship between AI and human expertise. Ethical considerations are paramount in the generative AI discourse.  Authorship of creative outputs and the potential to create echo chambers with tailored content are areas that agencies will need to navigate carefully.  As generative AI integrates into the agency domain, a thoughtful approach that combines technology and human touch will shape the future of agency success.

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