General Grievous Teased For 'Angry Birds Star Wars 2'


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For weeks now, developer Rovio has been teasing dozens of new and old characters for its upcoming Angry Birds Star Wars sequel. Even Jar Jar Binks has been included in Angry Birds Star War 2. The latest characters to be unveiled should please fans of the original Star Wars and the prequels alike.

General Grievous, one of the villains from Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith, will be included in the new game. Grievous will, of course, use his multiple lightsabers to cause havoc against the birds:

Hairy Wookie Chewbacca will also be back for the Angry Birds Star Wars sequel. He appears to have changed little from the first title, using his bulk as a stand-in for the regular Angry Birds series' "Big Brother" bird: