Genene Jones Up For Parole: Will She Be Set Free?

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Serial baby murderer Genene Jones is up for a parole hearing and could be released. Jones is believed to have murdered dozens of innocent babies and toddlers in the 70s and 80s while she was working as a nurse.

Jones would inject the babies with digoxin, heparin and sometimes succinylcholine in order to cause a medical crisis. She would then attempt to resuscitate the babies in hopes of getting attention. She was able to save some of them, but many of the babies died.

Jones was working at the Bexar County Hospital in Texas when she first started murdering the infants.

The hospital realized something strange was going on when a report determined that an unusual number of infants were dying while in the care of Jones.

Instead of bringing this information to the attention of the police, the hospital brought it up to Jones and asked her to resign.

Jones then moved on to a new hospital and started poisoning and killing babies there as well. She murdered at least six infants while working at a pediatric physician's clinic in Kerrville, Texas.

Jones was convicted of killing 15-month-old Chelsea McClellan with succinylcholine in 1985 and was sentenced to serve 99 years in prison. A short time later she was also convicted of killing Rolando Jones with heparin and sentenced to another 60 years.

Jones is scheduled for mandatory release in 2017 due to a law that prevents overcrowding in Texas prisons. She will go up for parole in just a few days.

Whether Jones is released after her parole hearing or in 2017, she will likely become the first convicted serial killer to be released legally.

Prosecutors are currently preparing evidence that they believe will convict Jones of another murder and keep her in prison. They believe there are other possible charges that could be brought against her as well.

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