Gene Hackman Punched A Homeless Man

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Gene Hackman may be 82-years old, but he's no lightweight when it comes to defending himself and his lady.

When Hackman and his wife were walking through downtown Santa Fe yesterday afternoon and found themselves approached by a homeless man, they weren't alarmed; he was, according to authorities, someone they'd been in contact with before and had given food and money to. Apparently this time, however, he became aggressive and ended up calling Hackman's wife a name, which led to an altercation. When he made a threatening move towards the couple, Hackman punched him.

No charges have been filed, and Hackman isn't in trouble for the hit, authorities say.

"It was a simple battery case and it appears Mr. Hackman was acting in self-defense because he was concerned for his safety," said Santa Fe police.

Hackman in "Unforgiven". Caution: some NSFW language.

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