Geena Davis Cast as Jon Hamm's Daughter, Anticipates Next Year's "Thelma & Louise" 25th Anniversary, Wants "Beetlejuice" Sequel

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Geena Davis has at least temporarily traded archery for acting. Returning to the big screen in an indie film called Marjorie Prime, Davis--at 59--will play the daughter of 44-year-old Jon Hamm. That will no doubt be a first for the Mad Men star--and likely the Thelma & Louise actress, too. Shooting for the film begins in the Hamptons next week.

"Marjorie Prime is a “sci-fi dramedy” that follows an elderly woman, played by 84-year-old Lois Smith, who interacts with a holographic re-creation of her husband as he looked at a younger age," Page Six reports.

Something else that will no doubt prevent Geena Davis from picking up her bow and arrow is next year's highly anticipated 25th anniversary of Thelma & Louise.

“We’ve been talking a lot about a way to celebrate,” she tells Page Six. “Like do a live stage show with clips from the film.”

Geena Davis also thinks a Beetlejuice sequel should be in the cards.

As for her stellar skills in archery, Geena Davis really is taking a break. The actress is so good, she almost made the 1999 U.S. Olympics archery team.

"I’m not competing. It takes so much practice — four hours a day,” she said.

Just because she's not competing doesn't mean she's not practicing. Should Jon Hamm be aware that his "daughter" has such avid skills?

Davis also serves as a media activist--touting the need for gender equality in the film and TV world.

Were you a Thelma & Louise fan? Wouldn't it be amazing to watch Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis ride off into the sunset at an older age? Might they not have died in the original movie? Perhaps they could return as older, wiser women with healed severe injuries?

Okay, so that's a long shot. Fans can at the very least eagerly anticipate Geena Davis back on the big screen when Marjorie Prime hits theaters.

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