Gears of War: Judgment Multiplayer Gameplay Revealed


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Epic Games released several new previews of its upcoming Gears of War: Judgment this week, each featuring unvarnished gameplay from the title. It's a refreshing break from game trailers that feature dubstep and have nothing to do with gameplay.

While the single player campaign previews are short and show a game that is very similar to last year's Gears of War III, the multiplayer trailers show a faster, more fluid style of battle. Judging by their combined 30-minute length, they also demonstrate how proud Epic is of its updated multiplayer modes. The combined length of the single player campaign previews is just over two minutes.

The first trailer seen below previews a new multiplayer mode called OverRun. It's a class-based mode where COG soldiers fight off Locust, who are controlled by enemy players. COG classes include soldier, medic, engineers who can plant turrets, and scouts (snipers). Locust players can take on the role of wretches, tickers, grenadiers, ragers, kantus (healers), giant serapedes, and even maulers. The second trailer shows some classic free-for-all gameplay.