GDC 2013: See Through The Eyes Of The City In Watch Dogs


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Up until now, trailers for Watch Dogs have focused on Aiden Pearce and his ability to hack into the city of Chicago to control its surveillance, gather intel on its citizens, and more or less become a high-tech anti-hero. What about those who run the city though? What are they doing while Pearce hacks them blind? The latest trailer for Watch Dogs seeks to answer some of those questions.

It will be interesting to see how the asymmetrical gameplay of Watch Dogs works with the introduction of this new element. The game promises to give control of rival hackers to other players as they try to take down (or perhaps help) Pearce. This latest trailer makes it appear that some players may also be put into the role of those running the city as they try to make sense of those who are hacking into its system. Either way, the game shows a lot of promise for something that we still know next to nothing about.

Watch Dogs is slated to launch later this year for all current and next-gen consoles, and PC.