GDC 2012: Magicka Developer Working On New Game

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Now that GDC 2012 is in its second day, we can expect to see the new game announcements begin to flow in. Today’s first announcement is going to make PC gamers very happy.

Paradox Interactive, the PC game publisher who brought us the cult hit Magicka, have announced three games at GDC today. While details are scarce, the publisher has provided some early details and trailers to get the hype started.

We must first start with what Arrowhead Game Studios has been up to first since they wowed our collective socks off last year with the amazing Magicka. Their new game is called The Showdown Effect, and it’s quite different from their previous effort. The project is a 2.5D multiplayer action game that has players participating in death-matches.

The game will focus on the customization of everything from a player’s character to how creative you want the kills to be. Here’s the first trailer:

The second game announced sounds to be the most interesting. In Dungeonland, three players will take on the roles of the rogue, the warrior and the mage as they make their way through a classic co-op dungeon crawler. There is a catch though? There will be a fourth player playing the role of the dungeon master who will make it his job to see the three heroes are dead before they reach the end.

RED Frontier is the third game announced and like all good PC game announcements, this one is an RTS. RED Frontier looks to be a bit different though as it hopes to change how competitive RTS games are played by letting commanders respawn immediately after being killed. This on top of massive battles featuring combat droids, vehicles and orbital rocket strikes should provide a much needed shake up to the RTS genre.

All three games are being shown off at GDC. If you’re at the show, you’re probably not reading this and already playing them. If you’re at home reading this, watch the trailers and hope they come out this year.

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