Gay Player Drafted: Michael Sam is Cut From Rams


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Michael Sam, the first openly gay player drafted in the NFL, was released by the St. Louis Rams in their last round of cuts. Rams coach Jeff Fisher announced that Sam was waived during a press conference on Saturday.

Michael Sam was a defensive end for the Missouri Tigers and was named the Co-SEC Defensive Player of the Year in 2014. He made history when he was taken by the Rams in the seventh round of the 2014 NFL Draft since an openly gay player has never been drafted before.

While some people suspect that Sam's sexual orientation had something to do with him being cut, Fisher says that it was a "football decision." Sam was given plenty of opportunity to prove himself during the preseason, but considering that the Rams have one of the more talented defensive lines in the league, there just wasn't a spot for him on the team's 53-man roster.

"Mike's got ability. Mike played well," Fisher said during the press conference. "He has the ability to play someplace. It's gotta be the right place, it's gotta be a fit. As someone told me years ago, the difference between a good player and an average player in this league is just snaps, it's reps. He's a much better player now than he was when he got here."

Check out more of the press conference below:

The first gay player drafted tweeted about not making the Rams final roster yesterday:

Michael Sam hasn't signed with another team yet, nor did the Rams offer him a spot on their practice squad. While this has to be a difficult situation for Sam, especially after taking such a huge risk by coming out to the public, the young man is determined to learn from his experience and press on: