Gatewood Galbraith: Kentucky Legend Death Sparks Twitter Remembrance


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If importance were measured by victories, one could say Gatewood Galbraith was simply a footnote in the history of the state of Kentucky. However, for those who followed Galbraith or met the man knows his legacy is bigger than the outcome of elections. Galbraith was someone who supported the legalization of marijuana, and other political views which would hinder him from receiving enough votes to receive a political appointment.

The losses never kept him from trying, as he ran for governor five times, U.S. representative twice, and attorney general. Along with his views, Galbraith was known for his candor and character. He was someone who wasn't beneath holding his own political sign on the side of the road, as most Lexington, KY denizens could see him at the Versailles Rd/Man O' War intersection holding up his own signs personally. The next moment, he would be riding around in a hemp powered car with Willie Nelson.

If you're looking for perfect examples of Galbraith's character, take a look at these two YouTube videos. As someone who's met the man personally, they provide a perfect reflection.

Oh, just in case you're wondering, Willie Nelson endorsed him in the prior election.

I was completely floored today that I found out about his death, not through a news article or through a friend calling, but on Twitter. The Galbraith following was represented enough in Twitter today that it was a trending topic nationally for a good period of time. Here's what many people had to say in remembrance.

Long live the memory of the last free man in America, Gatewood Galbraith a KY hero and dear friend! RT this everyone! Google Gatewood!(image) 5 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone · powered by @socialditto

"If I was going to lie to you, I'd already be elected." Gatewood Galbraith Read more here: 1 hour ago via TweetDeck · powered by @socialditto

RIP Gatewood Galbraith . You always had your say and had our imaginations. 🙁 You will be missed by many and loved by more.(image) 9 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone · powered by @socialditto

RIP Gatewood Galbraith, I got to meet him a couple times last year and he seemed like a real down to earth guy.(image) 21 minutes ago via Mobile Web · powered by @socialditto

RIP Gatewood Galbraith, a great citizen and defender of liberty. He will be missed -- 48 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone · powered by @socialditto

Galbraith was the perfect example of "I might not agree with him, but I respect he doesn't shy away from what he really believes". Which can be summed up in this quote, "People say, 'How can you be a practicing attorney and smoke marijuana?' My response to that is: 'Hey, if slavery were still legal, I'd be heading the underground railroad. If the Vietnam War were still going on, I'd be out in the streets demonstrating. If segregation were still intact, I'd be sitting at a lunch counter somewhere."