Gaming Is A Positive Element in Life [Infographic]

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Playing video games for an extended period of time, or, well playing them at all, will rot your brain. At least, that's what we've been led to believe. Actually, those fighting against gaming see something a lot worse than simple brain rot. To that particular establishment, video games are responsible for just about every social ill you can think of, especially violence.

If kids didn't play violent video games, there would be no violence in society, or something like that. Perhaps the best known evangelist against the video game industry is Jack Thompson, who, at various times, has referred to games as "murder simulators," while offering such illuminating critiques like the following:

"In every school shooting, we find that kids who pull the trigger are video gamers."

With that in mind, if Thompson, or anyone else from the "video games are evil and destructive" crowd saw the upcoming infographic, they'd scoff, ignore, and laugh at it. In fact, if you presented it to Thompson in print, he'd probably burn it or use it as toilet paper. If, however, they actually took the time to review the data, it might have a Grinch-like effect. While I'm not sure if Thompson's heart is metaphorically capable of growing three sizes, it's a nice thought.

Anyway, the infographic in question, which was created by Deviant Artist, Suckstobeyourgirl, does a fantastic job of demonstrating some of the overlooked benefits of playing video games.

Check it out:

Positive Gaming
Click for larger image

You mean playing video games can make me a better team player and potentially improve parent/child relationships? Surely not... But what about the fact that 63 percent of parents thing gaming is a positive part of their children's lives? Consider these things are murder simulators at heart, how can that be? Lastly, the indication that online relationships that have been created through gaming are just as strong, if not stronger than real life relationships has to be false right?

I mean, if gaming really is that redeeming, people like Thompson would surely know about it by now, right?

[Via Dueling Analogs]

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