Gaming Beats Dating Websites When it Comes To Love


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The stereotype that gamers are all male "neck-beards" who never leave their parent's basement - and so can never get laid, is already outdated. But could gamers have surpassed their non-gaming counterparts when it comes to seeking love? Online University compiled some statistics that points out gamers might be having better luck finding partners than those using traditional dating websites.

The most surprising statistics, to me, came from a survey of World of Warcraft players. Only 14.9% of WOW players are single, compared to 43% of Americans over the age of 18. Also, over 75% of WOW players who are dating each other traveled over 100 miles to meet.

Though it could simply be that gamers are younger and outnumber those on dating websites, my sense is that coming together and working hard to accomplish a common goal is what brings people close enough for sparks to fly.

Below is a nifty infographic the site created to demonstrate their point:

Gamers Get Girls
Created by: Online University

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