Game Of Thrones: Town Changes Name For DVD Release

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All of you Game of Thrones fans will find this interesting. As you probably know, the Game of Thrones DVD is scheduled to be released on February 18. To coincide with the release, a British town called Kings Langley, that is located in located in the county of Hertfordshire just outside of London, will be renamed after the HBO series' capital city of Kings Landing for a week in February.

Shortly before the release of the DVD, HBO will be launching the fourth season of the medieval fantasy series, and the producer and writer of the show, hope to bring attention to, and promote, the series. George R.R. Martin gave E! News some insight on what we can expect in the coming season.

"We have a big battle that the wonderful Neil Marshall that did the Battle of Blackwater back to direct, that's very exciting for me," Martin said. "We have another Royal Wedding, this one is not red; this one is a different color. We have the introduction of some great new characters. We finally introduce one of the most popular characters from the books: Prince Oberon Martell," he reveals. "The Red Viper of Dorne will be introduced for the first time and there will be some other new characters that I think the fans will like. The Wildlings are continuing to move toward the wall. We'll see many of the characters, we'll see what happens to Tyrion and Cersei and Jaime and all of the remaining Starks, the few that are left and hopefully it will be another great season."

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