Game Of Thrones Minecraft Project Progresses With Tour Of Westeros

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It's old news that the Minecraft community is massively creative. They've created tons of awesome places and contraptions inside the game, some more mind-blowing than others, but all unique and impressive. For instance, Hyrulecraft recreated The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, while some players took it upon themselves to create a pretty cool Rube Goldberg machine. Last month, one of the more impressive things I've seen in a while happened within the world of Minecraft, as someone built a functioning graphic/scientific calculator within the game.

In early March, we told you about a Minecraft project to map out the world of Game of Thrones - which you may know from the massively popular HBO show or the George R.R. Martin series beginning with "A Song of Ice and Fire." They had mapped out King's Landing, and it was rather impressive.

Now, the Westeros Craft project expands to this: A "tour of Westeros," featuring Winterfell, Kings Landing, and The Eyrie. It's just great stuff - check it out below:

"Hey Game of Thrones fans! This is just a taste of whats available and what's to come on the WesterosCraft Minecraft server!" More, you say? I'll take it.

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