Game of Thrones Gets a Playmobil Remake

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We often see version of films, TV shows, and other motion picture art remade with Legos, but it's been awhile since I've seen a proper Playmobil version of something. In fact, until I did some digging, I couldn't remember ever seeing one. After some searching, I found an awesome Playmobil Joy Division video, but we'll get to that later.

Because first up, we have today's coolest trailer - a remake of the original Game of Thrones season one trailer, with Playmobil toys.

You all know Playmobil, right? The nearly 40-year-old company has been completing with the likes of Lego for a couple of decades in the toy-person market, as well as the realm of toy train, cars, buildings, etc. If you've never built your own Playmobil diorama, you probably had a weird childhood.

And I hope we all know Game of Thrones by now. The widely populat book series by George R.R. Martin has been turned into and even more popular TV series on HBO. It's currently into its second season, and only getting better. Let's just put it this way: I can't wait for my weekend to end so I can watch Game of Thrones on Sunday evening. I know how bad that sounds.

So it's no surprise that I think that this video, courtesy of HSMprojects, it pretty great. Check it out below:

Remember what I said before about stumbling across another awesome sto-motion Playmobil creation. Here, you can have that too:

[h/t Topless Robot]
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