Gafsa Beach: Mysterious Lake Pops Up In Desert


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A mysterious lake has popped up in the middle of a desert in Gafsa, a drought-stricken region of southern Tunisia.

The lake has attracted many visitors and those who have seen it claim that it is at least 50 feet deep in some areas and covers more than two acres of land.

Researchers are currently trying to determine what caused the lake to pop up out of nowhere and are not sure of the source of the water.

Some researchers believe that a tremor fractured a layer of rock holding an underground reservoir. This allowed water to leak through a crack at the surface and fill up the large canyon that makes up the lake bed.

The lake was discovered in July and officials have warned people not to swim in the water or drink it. They are not yet sure if the water is safe and suggest that visitors only observe the water from the bank and not go for a dip.

This hasn’t stopped many curious and adventurous visitors and the new beach is now a local hot spot where locals go to keep cool in the sun and enjoy fun with friends.

Researchers are still trying to learn more about the mysterious lake and the water it holds and are wondering if there could be more water underground in other parts of Gafsa.

Regardless of what caused the lake to appear or if it is safe or not, people seem to be curious and amazed by its uniqueness and in an area where water is rare, Gafsa beach is seen as a blessing.

What do you think caused the lake to appear and do you think the water could be dangerous?

Image via Wikimedia Commons