Gabrielle Union Videobombs Hubby Dwayne Wade's Post-Game Fox Sports Interview — It's Adorable

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Gabrielle Union didn't miss a beat when she decided to videobomb hubby Dwayne Wade's post-game interview on Sunday with her own analysis of her husband's performance.

Following the Miami Heat's game against the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden on Sunday, Union popped in on Wade's interview with Fox Sports.

Wade was busy updating the reporter on how he felt the game went — the first since he was sidelined for seven games following a hamstring injury.

"I just stayed with it," Wade, 32, began to tell the reporter. "My teammates did a great job of keeping me into it. I got a little frustrated early on; guys ain't played with me in a while …"

And bam, that's when the 42-year-old actress decided to foul her husband and try to steal the ball from him mid-sentence.

"It was, uh, it was okay!" she said, joking. "It was okay. I mean, a hamstring pull … wow."

Wade took one look at his wife with a sweet little smirk on his face and asked if she was photobombing him.

"Yeah, wow … to come back with 27 points, we're gonna talk about the free throws later…" Union kept right on with her analysis. However, she may have touched a sore point considering Wade's free-throw percentage in the game could have been ... well ... better.

And with a loving pat on her husband's rear, she ended her analysis with — he "did good, for an old geezer."

OK, this couple is beyond adorable.

The couple, who were married in August, have been together for five years. After all those years, she very well may know what she's talking about.

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