Gabrielle Union on Sex, 'Being Mary Jane,' and Hubby (?) Dwayne Wade

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Gabrielle Union is hot in BET's hit show Being Mary Jane. She spoke recently about the various sex scenes she plays as part of her role, as well as about her handsome hubby, Dwayne Wade. Of course that title (hubby) is a bit questionable in light of recent reports stating the couple has no marriage license on file.

Mary Jane Paul is the role Gabrielle Union plays in Being Mary Jane, and this season finds her with three possible love interests. The TV reporter she portrays gets lots of action on the small screen.

“There’s three love interests for Mary Jane this season, so there’s a lot of action, a lot of sex," Union said during her interview with Extra's AJ Calloway.

How does Dwayne Wade feel about all this sex? Does he watch Gabrielle Union in these scenes?

“Not often… luckily, he too looks amazing without his shirt. He’s not a bad-looking person, so he’s not short on self-esteem, nor is he jealous," Union says of the NBA superstar.

Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade meet in front of the TV for their regular date with Scandal.

“Well, I watch the whole Thursday night lineup, but he joins me at 9PM. I start with Grey’s Anatomy, and he comes in for Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder,” she says.

Aside from TV talk, Gabrielle Union and AJ Calloway spent a few minutes dishing about Dwayne Wade--and not just his TV interests.

His wife (if that's really what she is) shared a little secret--about his love of shoes.

“He’s Imelda Marcos. He has so many shoes, he built a room just for his tennis shoes. It’s a show vault with special shelving, lighting, like if you came to visit you’re going to have to stay in a hotel because that extra guest room is a shoe show vault," she said.

Now that's probably a little-known fact about Dwayne Wade that the NBA is all to happy to learn.

Do you watch Gabrielle Union in her role as a successful TV reporter on Being Mary Jane? Would your significant other be able to overlook such TV sex scenes the way Dwayne Wade does, if you played this sort of role?

And what do you make of this rumor about Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade not being officially married? Are they hiding something or was there simply a glitch in the paperwork somewhere?

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