Gabby Douglas Biopic on Lifetime Saturday Night

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Gabby Douglas is featured in a biopic on Lifetime on Saturday night. Called The Gabby Douglas Story, the feature highlights the struggles the young girl faced that eventually resulted in her accomplishments during the 2012 Olympics. Douglas was known as one of the "Fierce Five" in the 2012 Olympics--lauded for her abilities as a top notch gymnast on the U.S team.

In the biopic Gabby Douglas is played by two actresses as her life progresses--Imani Hakim and Sydney Mikayla. Her mom's financial difficulties are depicted--how she paid for Gabby's gymnastics costs while raising three other children as a single mom. Regina King stars as Gabby's mother. King spent a considerable amount of time with Gabby's own mom to prepare herself for the role.

Gabby Douglas is already training for the next Olympics six days a week. She took time out, however, to meet with the writers of her biopic, to make sure everything was written authentically. Douglas was asked how it feels at age 19 to already have a biopic written about her life and featured on the Lifetime channel.

"It's just so crazy and insane but it's also like an amazing feeling. I never would've thought I'd have a movie on TV about my life story," she answered.

Hopefully the biopic about Gabby Douglas might inspire other young Olympic hopefuls--as well as their families--who don't believe that just anyone can reach for those proverbial stars. It might show them that there is almost nothing that can't be overcome and that with lots of determination--and accepting the kindness that others are so often willing to give--it is possible to achieve one's dreams.

Do you think there will ever be another U.S. Women's Gymnastics Team like the one Gabby Douglas was such a huge part of? Will anyone ever replace the "Fierce Five?"

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