Fun & Funky Christmas Stockings!

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You walk into a co-worker's holiday party and look around. The Christmas decor is out in all its glory and twinkling its tinsel off. As you walk through the gathering of slightly tipsy ladies from human resources and the IT guys discussing the latest tech trends something catches your eye. Across the room, hanging from the mantle, are the most beautiful Christmas stockings you've ever seen. Hand-made, cable knit, even painted designs are on display proudly among these truly unique treasures. While this scenario may not be a common one, the Christmas stockings exist - you've just got to look for them.

Upon searching, one particular line of Christmas stockings caught my attention. They aren't glitzy or name brand, and they don't come with a high price tag. In fact, they don't have a price tag at all. These Christmas stockings are handmade by one Canadian woman, purely for her family and the simple joy of creating a work of art that can be used and treasured for years to come.


Canadian blogger Wicked Faerie Queen offered up a pleasant surprise whilst on my journey to find a few Christmas stockings that truly stood out from the rest. Knitted stockings, felt stockings, curled toe stockings, even stockings with ice skates on the bottom - each more beautiful than the last.


This particular blogger tells her followers that the knitted stockings were a favorite of her children for the simple fact that they expanded to several times their original size upon "Santa" filling them with goodies.


Her personal preference seems to be felt stockings, noting how easy the material is to work with whether you're sewing or gluing.


You may not be the queen of the sewing machine or a wiz with a glue gun, but these Christmas stockings go to show that even the most simple of fabrics can wow a crowd. Perhaps its the love and care that go in to making each one that allows them such an air of superiority. Because it's very clear that these particular Christmas stockings aren't going to be found in your local department store. No retailer that I know of stocks the imagination, love and care that can be found within the hand-stitched seams of these stunning stockings. Those ingredients come from within, and this Christmas stocking guru has them in spades.

Image via Wicked Faerie Queen Blog

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