Fugitive French Nanny Gets "Frisky" on Facebook


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She took their hearts when they took her in. Trust isn't the only thing missing for some victims now. Childrens' piggy banks ransacked, credit and debit cards stolen.  One teacher says both she and her family may never be the same again from a frisky, fugitive nanny now on the run.

"She is an amazing cook, very polite and very intelligent but behind all of that is a girl who is a thief," Niamh Vambeck said. "We were completely taken in."

Wanted by police for theft an fraud, 24-year-old, Emeline Essertel doesn't exactly hide from police. She attends sports events. She drinks and parties with her friends. She poses with statues and wears police costumes. While on the run, she posts pictures of herself and all the "goings on" on Facebook from various locations. Postings initially started after she skipped bail last March.

"Since then the 24-year-old au-pair has updated her page 11 times on the social networking site, including posting photographs and updates telling friends she had been partying her way between London, Dublin and Amsterdam."

Reportedly "on-the-lamb" in south France, Essertel is currently looking for a nanny job. She wants to forget her past and very much looks forward to the future, according to her Facebook page.

"An advert on a recruitment website, which she last logged into on 16 April, said: "It will be eight months since I returned to France to complete my nursing degree and I would like to go back to see other countries to learn new cultures and be able to speak English as soon as possible."

Investigators say they also look forward to the future, as well. They will continue to pursue the naughty nanny through London, South Wales and France.

"Essertel had been working as an au pair in Llantwit Major. We are appealing for information as to her whereabouts and ask anyone who can assist us with our inquiries to get in touch."