Freedom From FBI Tracking Devices Is Here


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If you've been persecuted or harassed by the FBI in the past, you have good reason to celebrate. The FBI can no longer utilize GPS tracking technology to monitor movement without a warrant to do so. The Supreme Court has ruled that no GPS tracking can take place in an investigation without a proper warrant being secured first. This prompted the FBI to turn off about 3000 devices that were currently in use.

Apparently, this is a game changing ruling for the U.S. Justice Department who has been employing this tactic for quite some time. Most typically, the GPS units are affixed to the underbody of vehicles to keep tabs on a suspects movements.

FBI General Counsel, Andrew Weissmann reports that retrieving the devices has not been easy since the order was handed down to deactivate them. In many cases, a warrant must be issued to have them turned back on so they may be located and recovered.

According to Weissmann, the case of the United States VS. Jones (The litigation which yielded the ruling), is going to have Justice officials scrambling to adhere to the new finding. If it is trespassing to place tracking devices on a vehicle, there could be further implications based on current practices.

Weissmann explains:

“From a law enforcement perspective, even though its not technically holding, we have to anticipate how it’s going to go down the road,”

I guess it isn't really a big deal to the general population, but I feel that if the government wants to track the movements of an individual, they should have probable cause. If that's the case, obtaining a warrant shouldn't be too difficult.

In my opinion, the general public has been letting people in powerful positions abuse our resources for far too long. We pay every public employee's salary with our tax dollars, and the people should reserve the right to call them out on abusive and costly practices.

Last week, I reported on the disgraceful insider trading that is going on with our lawmakers, and this 'GPS tracking without warrants' is another case of government waste and hypocrisy. Stop using our tax dollars to violate the laws you helped create Uncle Sam. Thank you Supreme Court.