Fred Phelps Gay in Afterlife, Thanks to Satanists

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After earlier news that notorious Westboro Baptist founder and (former) lead pastor, Fred Phelps, had died, everybody knew that the pile-on would begin in earnest. You can't spend your whole life bashing every group but your own, picketing funerals, and hating on everyone and not expect to have your own death celebrated like a University of Kentucky NCAA Championship win.

Many groups have called for their members to squelch the mirth, vowing to be better than Phelps was. In fact, some LGBT groups even acknowledge that a hater like Phelps has done more to advance the cause of tolerance, by being a horrid example of what lives look like when they lack it, than they ever could have done on their own.

But not everyone is willing to let Phelps go gracefully into that good night. The jokes write themselves, and someone has to tell them. But the biggest bum's rush may well be coming from Phelps' stiffest competition - the Satanist's.

You may recall that we told you before about a "Pink Mass" ceremony held by Satanists at the gravesite of Fred Phelps mother. The point of a Pink Mass is to initiate the departed posthumously into the Church of Satan, and specifically to "turn them gay". Obviously, the rite does no such thing. The point of it was to bring the fight to the Westboro haters and give them a taste of their own medicine.

The Washington Times reports that the very group that pulled that stunt is now gearing up to do it again, and this time they are aiming for the big man himself. Lucien Greaves, the man who performed the Pink Mass last year, has vowed to carry through on his earlier plans to do an even bigger event over Fred Phelps' grave. He stated in a letter:

"At the time [of last year's Pink Mass ceremony at Phelp's mother's grave], I predicted that Fred hadn’t too much longer till he would pass, and I stated – in a direct tweet to the WBC – that I would be presiding over Fred’s own Pink Mass before too long. As I have made a promise to a dying man, I fully intend to do my very best to see it through, and the pomp and circumstance of this Pink Mass will surely far, far exceed that of the original event in Meridian, Mississippi."

Greaves says that he sees Phelps as a "ludicrous arch-villain" - strong words coming from a Satanist.

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