Fran's Got a Man! Drescher's New Beau

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Fran Drescher's got a new man! And of course the 59-year-old actress has landed herself a gent. She's the nanny that we know and love, and Fran is still looking good as ever. The dark-haired vixen became best remembered from her role in the TV sitcom The Nanny, where she donned eye-catching costuming such as figure-hugging mini skirts along with seductive black tights and pumps.

Drescher recently starred in the TV Land sitcom Happily Divorced starring as well, um, a divorcee. The sitcom actually mirrors Drescher's real-life relationship and divorce from her former husband Peter Marc Jacobson who--after the divorce--admitted to being gay.

But never mind that now because tongues are wagging about Drescher stepping out at the Bridegroom premier with a new boy toy.

Drescher emerged at the premier of Bridegroom with the tall, dark, and handsome Shiva Ayyadurai, the disputed inventor of the term e-mail or something other. Yeah, nobody seems to know for certain, but who give a ----? There are more important things about which to be nosy, such as the fact that he's a decade younger than Fran at the age of 49. Despite the surrounding controversy over what Ayyadurai actually contributed to e-mail (if anything at all), his lovely lady Fran doesn't seem to care. Word has it that love was swirling in the air as Drescher and Ayyadurai were openly affectionate with each other at the premier.

Image via Fran Drescher, Twitter

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