Franklin Regional High School Stabbing Suspect ID'd

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The Franklin Regional High School stabbing that happened at the beginning of the school day on Wednesday now has a suspect. It was a 16-year-old boy who seemed all-in-all a "normal kid" to his classmates. His name has yet to be released and his motives were unclear, according to ABC.

There were 20 people injured this morning and no fatalities were reported, said Westmoreland County emergency management spokesman Dan Stevens.

However, the injuries ranged from cuts and bruises to pretty serious, one of which was a school security guard who was stabbed in the stomach.

"We were ready to handle what came in the door," Dr. Mark Rubino, chief medical officer at Forbes Hospital said, adding that at one point there were 20 surgeons in the emergency room. 3 of the 8 victims his team treated had severe injuries.

Rubino said the injuries ranged from "relatively superficial wounds" to "severe injuries to abdominal injuries." Interestingly, he noted that almost all of the stab wounds appeared to follow a pattern.

They were also almost all sliced across their lower abdomens. Whether or not there is any significance in the pattern is not yet known. The attack lasted from 7:13am and was over by 7:45am, according to AFP.

There have been many heroic stories that have come from this fiasco, one of which is about a student who saw what was going on and pulled the fire alarm to try to evacuate the building. Alyssa Finch, fellow student, said he did it "because he knew what was happening ... and he wanted the people to get out."

The school's principal and another staff member overpowered the attacker, saving who knows how many other students from harm. Neither were injured. As time goes on, hopefully we'll find out more about the motives behind this shocking attack and some more acts of selfless heroism.

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