Frank Sinatra May be Father of Ronan Farrow

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Mia Farrow admitted to Vanity Fair, in an article published today, that the father of her son, Ronan Farrow, could possibly be Frank Sinatra, according to AFP. With all the pictures posted all over the web with Ronan and Sinatra side-by-side, it's going to be hard to convince anyone that the handsome 25-year-old is not Sinatra's, but....Woody Allen's.

"We never really split up" she told Vanity Fair of Sinatra, who she referred to as the great love of her life. They were married for only two years and divorced in 1968. She went on to have a relationship with Woody Allen and she had Ronan, technically Satchel Ronan O'Sullivan Farrow, in 1988, when Sinatra would have been 72.

Mia Farrow left Woody Allen in 1992 after she discovered the sexual relationship between her adopted daughter, Soon-Yi, and Allen. The two later went on to marry, and are together still, over 20 years later. Ronan no longer speaks to his father.

No DNA test has been administered, but Ronan is almost a blue-eyed carbon copy of Frank Sinatra. When Vanity Fair asked Sinatra's daughter Nancy about her treating Ronan as part of her family, she replied: "He is a big part of us, and we are blessed to have him in our lives".

But Ronan took to Twitter Wednesday to distance himself from his mother's reported remarks.

From just the small side of Ronan Farrow that can be gleaned from public knowledge, his life certainly doesn't resemble Sinatra's swinging, wild existence. According to his Twitter presence, Ronan is a lawyer, journalist, and former U.S. Global Youth Issues Envoy.

Let's say there were a DNA test, and let's say I am a betting woman. My money, without hesitation, would go straight on Sinatra as his biological father. Those eyes and that face really don't seem to have come from Woody Allen or Mia Farrow. We shall see.

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