Fran Drescher Dating Inventor of EMAIL

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Actress Fran Drescher stepped out with new beau Shiva Ayyadurai, at the premiere of "Bridegroom" at the Academy Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Beverly Hills, California, on Tuesday.

Ayyadurai allegedly developed a full-scale emulation of a mail system he called "EMAIL" as a high school student in 1978, and copyrighted it in 1982.

Drescher, 59, and Ayyadurai, 49, were "very affectionate" at the event, an Us Weekly insider revealed, adding that "He gave her a kiss - They were all smiles and seemed very into each other and very much in love."

Regarding Ayyadurai's "invention" of email - There was a bit of controversy surrounding the man in the tech world, after a November 2011 Time Techland interview by Doug Aamoth entitled "The Man Who Invented Email" emerged. The article argued that Ayyadurai's aforementioned mail system represented the birth of email "as we currently know it". The article, along with the Smithsonian acknowledging that Ayyadurai had donated "a trove of documents and code" related to EMAIL, confused the facts a bit.

After a few retractions and rewording of articles, along with some more research, it's clear that Ayyadurai might indeed be the first person to ever have claimed to have invented email. Kind of like how Al Gore invented the internet. It's been decided by computational historians that email was actually invented through the combined efforts of many innovators, and all email features existed a decade before Ayyadurai came up with EMAIL.

On a lighter note, Drescher revealed that she loves to cook with the Indian-American Ayyadurai, and that they are presenty throwing around ideas for a couple-themed Halloween costume. The actress added, "I don't think we've decided yet but we know what we're doing. We've got some really good parties to go to and Iron & Wine, which is one of my favorite bands, is playing down at the Orpheum so we're gonna be doing all that. I can't do anything but sexy so we gotta work along those lines."

Drescher was once married to Peter Marc Jacobson, her high school sweetheart. They divorced in 1999, and as of 2010, both parties have confirmed that Jacobson is now an openly gay man, and that they're friends.

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