Former TSA Agent Charged With Battery After Enduring Improper Search

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A woman on the way to her brother's funeral says that she was groped by a female TSA agent during a security pat down. Now she is being charged with assault and battery for demonstrating how she was groped to the supervising TSA agent. The enraged airline customer is seen on this video grabbing the TSA supervisor, showing her what was done to her just moments before. Her complaint was answered with her being arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault and battery.

What gives Carol Price, the passenger, extra credibility in this case is that she is a former TSA agent, herself. She claims that she knows the proper method for administering a patdown, and what she received included inappropiate groping of her genitals and breasts.

Conveniently, the area where she was searched was out of view of the cameras, and is not available in the video. All we see is the aftermath of Carol grabbing the supervisor roughly to demonstrate what was done to her. According to Price's attorney, she wasn't nearly as rough with the supervisor as the TSA was with her.

In the video , you can see Price gets a hug from one of the TSA agents. According to her lawyer, all of these agents knew her. Some liked her more than others, and the patdown she received was a personal vendetta.

Price missed her brother's funeral and is now facing criminal assault charges. The TSA naturally took the side of the supervisor and pressed charges. They released this statement after the incident: "The patdown was conducted correctly and in accordance with our procedures. Violence against our officers who work every day to keep the traveling public safe is unacceptable."

When TSA procedures include patdowns for small disabled children, the elderly, and amputees, is it really all that surprising that an excessively rough and intrusive search would be defended by them?

[source: Wired]

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