Floyd Mayweather vs Canelo Fight Fast Approaching


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After the buildup, and then subsequent letdown, of the Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao fight, boxing fans have been craving a fight worthy of the pay-per-view purchase. For those boxing fans, September 14 will hopefully be that day.

Mayweather will take on Saul "Canelo" Alvarez, though it seems the timing of the fight is a bit sudden. After low pay-per-view numbers for Mayweather's last fight against Robert Guerrero, the Canelo fight was pushed to happen. This will be the second of a six-fight, 30-month deal worth around $200 million between Mayweather and Showtime.

Showtime Sports has been following both fighters in preparation for September 14. The first two episodes have already aired.

This fight could be the one to upset Mayweather. At 36-years-old, Mayweather will be fighting the 23-year-old red-headed Canelo from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Being 13 years younger could give Canelo quite the advantage.

Canelo also has a weight advantage over Mayweather. Though there is a 152-lb. catchweight clause in effect, Canelo could enter the fight with a 20-pound weight advantage. Canelo's strength is something Mayweather hasn't faced before, and one hit from him could be the difference.

In the most recent episode of All Access: Mayweather vs Canelo, Mayweather said, "We are fighting at 152 (pounds) but it's really not about the weight, it's about the skills. When it's all said and done, skills pay the bills."

Whether you love him or hate him, Mayweather has a record of winning. And he isn't the best because of sheer luck. Mayweather is methodical and tactical, and Canelo will need to take charge of the fight from the get-go if he wants the judges, in Las Vegas no less, to see he's the better boxer.

And even though Mayweather currently has an undefeated record of 44-0-0, Canelo isn't too far behind with a record of 42-0-1. So how long can Mayweather stay perfect?

If Canelo wants to beat the best, he may want to take some advice from someone who's already fought Mayweather. Boxer Oscar de la Hoya, who fought Mayweather, and almost beat him, in 2007 said, "When I fought Mayweather, I laid out the blueprint (on how to beat him), yes they gave him the decision, he beat me, but the blueprint is right there. I took it out of the vault and handed it over to Canelo."

No matter the preparation, Canelo knows that strategizing right now is a bit premature. During the second episode of All Access, Canelo said, "We're going to be smart and fight intelligently. But you can't have a specific strategy until you go in and realize what's in front of you in the ring."

You can watch the first two episodes of Showtime's All Access: Mayweather vs Canelo below to help you prepare for a fight that could just change two lives.



Image via Floyd Mayweather Wikipedia page.