Floyd Mayweather Victory Tinged by Pacquiao Injury Claim

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Floyd Mayweather was the unanimous decision winner of the much anticipated fight that pitted him, against Manny Pacquiao. While many commentators are saying that Floyd Mayweather outclassed Pacquiao hands down, Manny Pacquiao says there was more to his defeat than meets the eye.

Manny Pacquiao told reporters that he tore his right rotator cuff in his shoulder during sparring. He said he chose not to postpone the fight against Floyd Mayweather because he thought he would be allowed to take a shot of numbing agent to dull the pain on the night of the fight.

Pacquiao says Floyd Mayweather beat him because he was not allowed to treat his injury before the fight. Furthermore, he says Floyd Mayweather was aware of his injury weeks before the fight and sought to aggravate it during the bout.

"Someone leaked it from the gym," Pacquaio said about his injury. "Did you see when he was pulling my arm? Because he knew. He was pulling it, did you see? Because he knew (about my injury)," he said.

Pacquiao says that the fight went bad for him at about round four because of the injury. He says the pain in his shoulder felt like felt like “a needle penetrating my bones.”

“I really needed that shot because if I throw a power hook or power jab, it hurt,” said Pacquiao.

Pacquiao further charged that the Nevada Athletic Commission had approved his use of the numbing agent, and that his team had filled out the appropriate paperwork to use it. But the NAC says otherwise, defending their refusal of the drug before the Floyd Mayweather fight.

But Pacquiao also says they would not let him keep his own vitamins or water in his dressing room.

"We filled it out but also I’m so disappointed because for the first time in my boxing career, more than 20 years, they hold my vitamins, they hold my water (from) the dressing room. This is new."

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