Floyd Mayweather Jr. Denies Losing $10 Mil on Denver


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Did you put a few bucks on Denver to beat Seattle in yesterday's Super Bowl? If you did, of course, you're probably feeling a little sorry for yourself and your lighter wallet. But if misery loves the company, then you were most likely loving the fact that boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. lost a staggering $10 million on Denver yesterday. But now Mayweather is denying it all.

Yes, many of us know about Mayweather's propensity to put big money on games and his general love of gambling. However, the boxer contends that the internet rumors are false.

And if you believe his Instagram post, he didn't put a single penny on the biggest game of the year.

The luxury-loving pugilist has said that he rarely bets on his own sport of boxing. He also claims that he has never bet on himself, which seems like the surest bet of all considering he is undefeated.

You can see Mayweather in the ring on May 3rd in Vegas. The fight will be against either Amir Khan or Marcos Maidana. If you have an opinion on who you think he should take on, go to Mayweather's Twitter or Instagram page and cast your vote.

Image via Wikimedia Commons