Floyd Mayweather’s Attempted Murder And Kidnapping Arrest Is A Fake Report

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News of Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s arrest on May 13 has begun making rounds on the Internet, and it’s all thanks to a satirical news site called Huzlers.com.

According to a “Breaking News” item posted by Huzlers on May 14, the reigning Pound-for-Pound king in boxing was allegedly charged with attempted murder and kidnapping and was taken away by authorities from his Nevada home. To add hype to the fake news bit, Huzlers used an old photo of Mayweather being arrested in 2012 for domestic battery. The article even referenced the popular celebrity news website TMZ Sports regarding the details of the alleged crimes.

TMZ Sports released an actual news article about Mayweather Jr.’s alleged involvement in the severe beating and kidnapping of two if his employees because he suspected them of stealing his jewelry. TMZ Sports reported that the two male employees had been working on the construction of Mayweather Jr.’s Las Vegas homes when Mayweather Jr. discovered that some of his jewelry pieces were missing. The two workers told TMZ Sports that someone from Mayweather Jr.’s camp contacted them several weeks ago and gave them instructions to meet the boxing champ at an off-site location.

Floyd Mayweather Accused Of Murder And Kidnapping

The two men claimed that Mayweather Jr. and several of his “people” were waiting for them when they arrived at the site. They added that Mayweather Jr.’s posse proceeded to assault them using a variety of weapons, “including clubs”. The beating was so brutal that the two workers suffered broken arms and legs, and had to stay at the hospital for several days.

Upon closer inspection of the Huzlers article, it is evident that they merely copied the TMZ Sports article. They simply appended it with the fake update about Mayweather Jr.’s “arrest”. At the bottom of the page, a statement can be found that says Huzlers.com combines real and satirical news “to keep its visitors in a state of disbelief”.

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