Florida Man Points Gun at Cat's Face, Posts Pic to Facebook

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Florida Man, the world's worst superhero, is at it again! What kind of lovable hijinks is he getting into this time? Is he trying to "drive off" his drunk? Is he sending bomb threats to high schools via Facebook message?

Oh. He's putting a gun to a cat's head? Oh damn, Florida Man. That's weird. Don't do that.

We take you to Charlotte County, Florida, where NBC-2 reports that authorities have been dispatched to check the welfare of animals belonging to one Thomas Mcguinness.

The Charlotte County Sheriff's Office and Animal Control division were alerted to a photo posted on Mcguinness' Facebook page – a rather unsettling image of Mcguinness holding a small cat by the scruff of its neck in one hand, and pointing a pistol at its face with the other.

Presumably, some hubbub ensued on the (now-removed) post. Soon after posting the photo, he posted this:

Awesome 'joke' bro. Two guns up!

Mcguinness has stated that his animals are fine.

While clearly a 'joke', officials say that animal services are going to check everything out – but Mcguinness can't be cited for animal cruelty if he hasn't actually harmed any animals. Unfortunately, there's no law against being a Facebook dumbass.

Image via NBC-2

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