Florida Lotto Murder: Did This Man Die For His Money?

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A Florida woman who stands accused of shooting a lottery winner and burying his body in the backyard still maintains she had nothing to do with his death, despite the growing evidence mounting against her.

Dee Dee Moore allegedly befriended Abraham Shakespeare in 2009 after he won $30 million in the state lottery. Shakespeare bought a mansion and helped his friends and family pay off their debts, burning through his millions at a rapid pace. When Moore offered to help him get his finances back on track, he happily accepted.

But prosecutors say she had a deadly motive; Shakespeare's body was found buried beneath a concrete slab in January of 2010, some nine months after he went missing. He wasn't reported missing until November of 2009, however, a fact which continues to puzzle the jury. There were two bullet holes in his chest; ballistics tests have so far been inconclusive.

Prosecutors say Moore has been lying from the start; police obtained surveillance video of her buying plastic sheeting and other suspicious supplies around the time Shakespeare went missing, and introduced audio to the jury recently which allegedly has Moore trying to bribe a friend into lying to the police. She is also accused of sending money to Shakespeare's son for his birthday and used the victim's cell phone to communicate with his family, claiming to be him.

The most recent development in the case is that Moore has been admonished by the judge several times for attempting to communicate with the jury by facial expression. If convicted, she faces life in prison.

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