Flight 370 Victims Reportedly Robbed Of $35,000

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Flight 370 victims have now been victimized yet again. A few of the missing passengers, now presumed dead, have been robbed of a large amount of money.

Police say they have two suspects of the heinous crime in custody.

City police Senior Deputy Commissioner Tajuddin Md Isa said,

"We have identified the suspects involved and are gathering more evidence before we take further action,"

He added of the Flight 370 robberies, "Do not speculate on this matter and allow us to conduct a thorough investigation."

He also said that the police and bank were conducting their own investigations into what happened to the money of Flight 370 victims.

Apparently, the money was transferred from three of the victims accounts into a fourth account.

City Commercial Crime Investigation Department chief Izany Abdul Ghany explained,

"The suspects then made an internet transfer of RM35,000 to another account, believed to be that of one of the suspects, two weeks prior to July 18 and made ATM withdrawals of RM5,000 daily until the account was empty.

"We are now trying to trace the identity of the suspect who opened that account," he said.

Malaysian Flight 370 went missing mysteriously en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8th of this year. Neither wreckage nor any sign of passengers or survivors have ever been found. All aboard are presumed dead.

However, just because victims of the theft are most likely dead, these thieves will still be brought to justice.

"We are investigating the case as unauthorized access with intent to commit an offense," Izany said.

He added, "We are getting CCTV footage from the bank to identify the suspects involved."

Efforts to locate Flight 370 are still going strong and according to The Joint Agency Coordination Centre, the rescue operation is making "good progress".

Search teams are still scouring a 60,000-square-kilometre area in the Indian Ocean, and there is another deep-water search in the works for September.

Hopefully the perpetrators of both crimes against those aboard Flight 370 will face the law.

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