Flash Player 11.9, AIR 3.9 Beta Now Available


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Do you like living on the edge? Does untested software excite you? If so, you might just want to enroll in a new beta rolling out this week.

Adobe announced that the Flash Player 11.9 and AIR 3.9 betas are now available on Adobe Labs. The betas will provide users with a glimpse at some of the new features Adobe is working on for both platforms. As always, AIR is receiving the majority of the updates while Flash Player receives only a few minor upgrades.

Starting with Flash Player 11.9, Adobe announced that the beta supports Mac OS X 10.9, or Mavericks. With Mavericks support, Flash Player developers will be able to ensure that their Flash content works properly on the newest version of Mac OS X when it launches later this year.

Speaking of Mac OS X, the Flash Player 11.9 beta now supports .pkg installation. This will make it easier for system admins to deploy new versions of Flash Player across networks.

Moving on to AIR 3.9, Adobe says that its popular AIR Workers feature is now available on mobile devices, specifically Android devices. The feature allows developers to execute background code without interrupting regular app processes. Adobe notes that AIR Workers will be available on iOS in the near future, and will get an extended beta period.

In other background code news, AIR 3.9 supports "background execution of code on iOS and Android when render mode is set to "direct"." This can get a little tricky with CPU and power consumption so Adobe recommends you check out the release notes before diving into this particular feature.

As for other features, AIR 3.9 added support for iOS 7, Mac OS X 10.9 and XXHDPI Icons.

If you're interested in the future of Flash Player or AIR, you can grab them today from Adobe Labs.

[Image: Adobe]