First 'Grand Theft Auto Online' Add-on Coming on November 19


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With Rockstar now claiming that Grand Theft Auto Online is fixed and players rolling in cash from the recent stimulus package, the stage is finally set for more content to come to the game.

Rockstar today announced that the "Beach Bum" update for GTA Online will be launching on November 19. The update will be free and will automatically download along with the 1.06 update for the game. Though this update seems to be just an expansion of existing content, Rockstar has promised that future updates will include a "Capture the Flag" job mode and fully-cooperative heists for players to complete.

The new content will feature a variety of new weapons, vehicles, jobs, and customization options for players.

The two new weapons are an SNS Pistol and a broken bottle. Both of the new weapons can be obtained for free at in-game gun stores and players will also automatically receive them for their characters in Grand Theft Auto V.

The new vehicles include a dune buggy, off-road truck, camper, and the "Speeder" speedboat. The new vehicles also cost nothing and can be accessed through the in-game web browser. In GTA V players will have to use their marina or garage to access the new vehicles.

The new jobs aren't actually new game modes, but are beach-themed takes on existing modes. Rockstar is adding one new race, survival, parachuting, team deathmatch, and bike race jobs each.

The new customization options are also in-line with the beach bum theme, with flip-flops, board shorts, and tribal tattoos that will soon be available.