First Angry Birds Star Wars Gameplay Footage Released


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Angry Birds Star Wars came as a bit of a surprise. While it makes sense that Rovio, which has turned its Angry Birds games into a merchandising powerhouse, would team up with the biggest merchandising property in history, there really wasn't any warning that LucasArts and Rovio were teaming up before the teaser image appeared on the Angry Birds Twitter feed.

Rovio has already released several teaser videos in which the Angry Birds appear in classic Star War scenes. Today, the company released the first gameplay footage of Angry Birds Star Wars. It offers a tiny glimpse at what the powers of the birds, who take on the role of Star Wars characters, will be.

The new trailer shows Luke (the red bird) slicing through sand piggies' constructions with his father's lightsaber and Leia (the pink bird) using a tractor beam-like device to foil the Imperial piggies' attack on Hoth.