"Firenado" Looks Like Something From A Movie

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A "firenado" is a dangerous and beautiful phenomenon; it happens when intense heat and wind come together to form a tornado-like structure made of fire and whirling debris. When they occur, they are almost always bad news for firefighters, because although they usually move slowly (in comparison to an actual tornado, for instance), they are extremely difficult to extinguish and can get hot enough at the core to re-ignite ashes that have already fallen to the ground.

None of that mattered to Rocky Mountain Arsenal firefighter Thomas Rogers, however, when he was working a 150-acre burn in Colorado that held a firenado; he did what any of us would do and filmed the burning twister, then set it to metal music. And while the firenado looks like something you'd see in a big-budget disaster movie, it's all too real, as seen in the video below.

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