Fired Walmart Worker Offered Job Back


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Kristopher Oswald, an employee at a Michigan Walmart, was fired from his job after defending a woman who was apparently being attacked in the parking lot. Now, after reviewing the case and realizing his intentions were good, the company has offered Oswald his job back.

"The last thing I expected was to not have a job," Oswald said. "I don't even know what to put on an application about all of this. How do I say this ended?"

Oswald described the incident saying he was taking his break at around 2:30 a.m. in his car when he heard a woman screaming. He saw a man hanging onto the hood of the woman's car. He first thought they were simply goofing off, but then realized the woman was actually in danger when the man turned on him, began attacking him, and said "I'm going to kill you!". Just as he thought he may have things under control, two other men jumped him from behind. Luckily, the Livingston County Sheriff deputies made it in time to break the fight up before it escalated more than it already had.

Oswald never expected to lose his job for being a good Samaritan. However, that is exactly what happened. He received termination papers that read: "after a violation of company policy on his lunch break, it was determined to end his temporary assignment".

After the story gained national attention, Walmart has offered Oswald his job back, saying his intentions "were good".

Now, Oswald has to make the decision of whether or not to take his job back. When asked if he was going to accept the offer, he sighed and said he wasn't sure. However, he is sure about one thing, and that is that he "will always do the right thing".

Image via Wikimedia Commons