Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn PS3 Beta Sign-Ups Are Live

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It takes quite a bit of work to reboot an MMO, but Square Enix is determined to make the business model work. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is slated to be released some time in the second quarter of 2013, and it appears that the project is nearly complete.

Today Naoki Yoshida, director of A Realm Reborn, took to the PlayStation Blog this week and announced that PlayStation 3 gamers will soon get a chance to try out the game through a phase of the beta test that is "about to commence." Players can sign up for the beta at Square Enix's website.

A Realm Reborn will feature homages from classic Final Fantasy titles such as Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy VII. From the blog post:

We consider it one of our missions to reacquaint gamers all over the world with the wonders of Final Fantasy. To this end, we’ll be incorporating the most memorable elements of the series into A Realm Reborn. Mind you, this won’t be limited only to the game’s launch; in subsequent patches, we plan to keep adding more great stuff from Final Fantasy’s 25-year history. For starters, adventurers will be able to take on the Crystal Tower (FFIII) raid dungeon, do battle with classic summons (such as Ifrit, Titan, and Leviathan), and ride magitek armor (FFVI). It goes without saying that there’ll be moogles and chocobos as well. Your trusty steed will fight beside you in battle, and can also be dressed up in neat costumes. Future patches will introduce series mainstay Gilgamesh, and also the fun and excitement of the Gold Saucer (FFVII).

In conjunction with the beta announcement, a new trailer for the game has also been released. Though it is labeled as an "Exploration Trailer," it features plenty of battle footage.

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