File-Sharing Church Weds Couple in Kopimist Cerimony


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The Church of Kopimism was officially recognized as Religion in January. At the Share Conference in Balgrade they performed their first wedding in what is probably the weirdest cerimony the world has ever seen.

Followers of Kopimism believe that sharing is a holy sacrement and the internet is "sacred". Philosophy student Isaac Gerson founded the Church of Kopimism earlier this year going through two rounds of application denial before Kopimism was finally recognized by the Swedish government.

Kopimists believe the idea of sharing extends beyind files and information, but can be applied to every aspect of life. This belief largely relies on whether or not you believe file sharing copyrighted material is stealing or sharing.

At the cerimony the pastor (???, I don't know what you call a kopimist church official), encourages the the newlyweds to "copy and remix some DNA-cells and create a new human being." That's a bit of a stretch.

To me, trying to justify file-sharing on religious principles, and then somehow connecting that with marriage and sharing each others love is a farce. Many people have different views on whether or not file-sharing is ethical, but turning it into a religion to justify your moral stance is a step too far.

I wonder if when they consumate the marriage, it will be called "kopilation'. Ha.

[Source: TorrentFreak}