Fiat Photo Bombs VW in Google Street View


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According to Jalopnik, Fiat paid close attention to when the Google street view car would be around to snap photos. On that day, they parked a Fiat 500 in front of Volkswagen's Swedish operation headquarters in Sodertalje. The Google car drove by snapping pictures as scheduled, and this picture is the result: A photo bomb by Fiat at the VW headquarters.

From the picture it looks like they had to go to some great lengths to get the Fiat up those stairs without VW workers noticing. But as Jalopnik reports, a driveway leads right up to the front doors.

Looks like Volkswagen is going to have to deal with it for a while. Google only updates their street view passes about once a year.

The question is: How did Fiat know that Google was going to be around that day? Do they have someone on the inside? Or did they just happen to see the car driving around that day.

As Jalopnik notes, "Here in the US, Google uses Prii for their camera cars, but it looks like in Sweden they're using Opel Astras. So unless Opel and Fiat teamed up to prank VW, the tipoff wasn't from some direct Fiat-Google relationship."

The online car enthusiast magazine is sure that this is an intricate and well thought out prank. Did they ever stop to think that maybe a guy with a Fiat 500 just happened to have business at VW that day?

[via: adRants]