Female Model Poses as Male Model to Get More Gigs


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Female Ford Agency model Elliot Sailors noticed that gigs began to dry up a bit when she hit 30, so now she sometimes models as a man.

NYC-based Sailors, 31, cut off her blonde hair, stopped applying makeup and jut her strong looking jaw a bit forward, to transform into a male model. This simple case of a girl trying to make a buck became a gender studies sensation, and people took to Twitter:

In an industry where 25 is over the hill for a woman, Sailors wanted to prolong her career. “Men don’t need to look as young as possible, so I have a lot of time," Sailors said.

The former Tucson, Arizona-based beauty-pageant contestant mentioned that male modeling seemed like a natural transition. “Earlier on in my career, I would get frustrated because I thought I looked too masculine. I have a strong jaw, wide forehead, huge eyebrows. I thought I looked like a man wearing makeup.”

Sailors offers encouragement on Twitter:

Sailors now gets her hair buzzed at Decatur and Sons barber shop in Chelsea, and wears flannel shirts, ripped jeans and biker jackets around town. She remains in man-mode most days, as it's plainly easier. No makeup or heels required. Though, she's noticed that no one holds the door or lets her off the elevator first much. “When I’m in an elevator, I notice that they let all of the girls go first - like the real girls.”

Sailors says that her husband, Adam Santos-Coy, is supportive of her style. “He said he knew people would see me differently once I did it, but he didn’t realize how much people would see him differently,” she said, explaining that people sometimes think they're a gay couple.

Sailors, who has proven that it's better to switch genders than go all plastic in showbiz, has appeared in Cosmopolitan, American Harper's Bazaar, Fitness and Shape. She also recently modeled for Contributor magazine.

Image via Twitter.